Web Design

I have created a couple of websites using WordPress and plugins for it.
I use simple tools so the clients can afterwards make changes them self.


Photography has been a hobby of mine for many years now. I have experience from taking pictures of babies to film with a drone.


I graduated from 3d modelling/design school in 2013. Ever since I have been modelled something with different 3d tools.
I know SolidWorks and Cinema 4D for the best.
I have done some work with Rhino 3d.


I have been involved in a couple of UI projects in a past few years. Mostly vehicle related

Motion graphics

I’m a self-taught motion graphic artist. I have created 3d and 2d animations to own projects and for clients. Feel free to ask more.

Graphic design

Need a logo or an ad? I know how to fastly create something to fit your brand. Or maybe you need a  new brand

Who am I?

Teemu Paavola

Teemu Paavola

Designer | Entrepreneur | Photographer

I have always been interested vehicles, especially the looks. So I decided to apply for vehicle design school in Lahti, Finland.

I have knowledge in many areas, from manufacturing to eCommerce platforms.
I’m a very fast learner, almost every software that I use I have learned by myself.

Currently, I live in Lahti and I’m working for Rightware Oy. I’m doing freelance stuff on the side.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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