Masto earring project

Where to buy?

Radio & TV museum, Lahti 
Radiomäki, Radiomäenkatu 37, 15100 LAHTI

Project progress


Info about the project

People from the museum asked me if I could make earrings or necklace pendant from the radio tower. And I said yes.
I could use the power of 3D-printing.
So I started to design them. At first, it sounded like a really easy job. But it wasn’t… I made a couple 3D-printed models and I wasn’t happy about them. I also made couple virtual models and I wasn’t happy for them either. So I started to sketch more and more and more. Finally a good I idea came up and this page is about that idea. Hope you all like it!

Ideation & sketching

I started by studying the strucutre of the tower.

Few Sketches


From sketch to physical object

When the final sketch and design has been choosed, starts the 3D modeling part.
First i made a simple wire frame like in the sketch in cinema 4d software. Then i turned into 3D object.
I made the final model in Solidworks so it would be solid and error free for 3D printer.


Here is the final 3D printed model.
I had the earrings printed at Materflow, Lahti Finland

After I received the 3D -printed models I started to turn them into earrings.


Then I started to think about the package..
Well, why not use a photo I took from the radiomäki!
Picture cropped